In web design and development, I found the perfect outlet to utilize my attention to small details as well as my interest in being part of a team creating and developing clean and sophisticated code behind beautiful sites. I am fascinated with the speed technology changes; I am connected vias blogs & social media and yet I don’t feel too obsessed to be plugged in ALL the time. I enjoy both working on site and off, and love the flexibility and challenges of a career constantly moving.

With a background including a career as a baker and an architectural photographer, I have always had a passion for design and an attention to details, no matter how small. Born in Pomona, CA, I slowly moved north over the years, attracted to the wilderness, fresh air and city life. When I am not knee deep in code, I can be found hiking, camping, appreciating some local mirco brews or getting my passport stamped by a gruff looking guard who speaks little English. I enjoy music, films, and photography as well as just relaxing and watching the game.

I am currently updating my site.