Hello, I'm Gene.

I’m passionate about making the digital world inclusive and accessible to all. In today’s interconnected landscape, ensuring that your online presence is universally and user-centric design.

Gene Rocha smiling while holding a delicious pizza against the backdrop of the train station in Florence, Italy.
Savoring the moment at Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia, holding a scrumptious pizza a portafoglio and indulging in the authentic flavors of Italy. 🍕🇮🇹


Crafting Brilliance

Design is the art of crafting, executing, or constructing in accordance with a plan. A finely-tuned project seamlessly merges the communication requirements of the client with a harmonious aesthetic. Collaborating with designers, I find immense satisfaction in transforming their mock-ups into vibrant, functional websites. The essence of successful design lies in its ability to distill intricate information into a lucid presentation or elevate straightforward details into a realm of elegance. It's this delicate balance that I find most rewarding in the creative process. Let's work together to bring your design vision to life, where form meets function with finesse.

Data Mastery

Engaging with data is a source of genuine satisfaction for me. I enjoy delving into the intricacies of information, using various tools such as charts and graphs to meticulously structure a clear organizational framework and hierarchy. My primary objective is to convey information in a manner that is not only informative but also easily comprehensible for the viewer. Through thoughtful design and strategic data presentation, I strive to create an accessible and meaningful experience, ensuring that the audience can effortlessly grasp the insights and significance of the information at hand.

Web Harmony

I take pleasure in using Content Management Systems (CMS) for effective web content management, streamlining the development and maintenance of websites. Visual consistency is a key foundation in successful project-based design, and I specialize in working with platforms like WordPress and Expression Engine.

Enjoying a boat ride on the Grand Canal in Venice, wearing sunglasses and savoring the picturesque views of Venice.

My Story

In the field of web design and development, I’ve found the perfect avenue to apply my meticulous attention to detail and my enthusiasm for contributing to a team in the creation of refined and elegant code for visually stunning websites. The swift pace of technological advancements fascinates me; I stay connected through blogs and social media, yet I maintain a balanced approach, avoiding the feeling of being tethered to constant online presence. I derive fulfillment from both on-site and remote work, embracing the flexibility and relishing the dynamic challenges that come with a perpetually evolving career.

With a diverse background that includes a career as a baker and architectural photographer, my passion for design and an unwavering commitment to detail have remained steadfast, irrespective of scale. Born in Pomona, CA, I gradually migrated north over the years, enticed by the allure of wilderness, fresh air, and city life. When I’m not crafting a more seamless web user journey with a focus on improved accessibility, you’ll find me hiking, camping, savoring local microbrews, or navigating passport control with a stern-faced guard who speaks little English. I have a deep appreciation for music, films, and photography, as well as simply unwinding and catching a game.